Kids love letter beastiesABOUT THE BEASTIES:
Author & illustrator Ron Noble originally created Letter Beasties just as a fun idea, challenging himself to morph traditional monsters into the alphabet. What Ron ended up making is an absolutely revolutionary learning device that kids connect with instantly because the Beasties are pure fun!

Beasties books have sold out repeatedly in every store that carries them, every classroom he has read the book too, and it hit #1 as an Amazon Children’s eBook.

WHY does the world need Letter Beasties?

“Self-directed education” is a global movement that provides tools for children to entertain themselves while learning without any extra guidance.  Today’s kids are the most tech savvy and intuitive generation in history.  Just hand an iPad to any one-year-old and you’ll see what we mean.   Yet most of the world’s schools today are stagnant and continuing to lag behind the times, leaving children bored and unengaged with traditional schooling.  

To help to lead this new educational movement, the goal of Letter Beasties is simple:

Make learning fun! 

After presenting the Letter Beasties books and animation to thousands of school kids of different ethnicities and backgrounds, it’s clear that Letter Beasties are so universally entertaining and relatable that kids don’t even realize they're learning their ABCs faster and better than ever.  Mission accomplished!

Many parents and teachers tell us they enjoy the Letter Beasties as much or even more than their kids!
Letter Beasties brand is expanding further into an animation YouTube channel, a series of books, plush toys, T-shirts, figurines and more…including the upcoming Number Beasties.
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Ron Noble not only writes and illustrates children’s books. He’s an Emmy Winning animation director, animator and artist. Ron has directed Nickelodeon cartoons such as Rugrats, The Wild Thronberrys, Rocket Power, As Told By Ginger and many independently created short films. To see more of Ron’s work go to blogspot.com