#1 Amazon Best-Seller (Paperback book is 6”x9” Glossy pages) Letter Beasties are the alphabet and walking, talking creatures
merged together. Instead of showing a picture of a Pirate standing next to the letter P, now the Pirate IS the letter P! No abstract association necessary.
Kids enjoy them first as funny monsters, then proudly point out which letter each Beastie is too as if they solved a puzzle!
Teachers and parents are amazed at how kids are instantly hooked on the Beasties.

"I read it to my 3-year-old and he loved the monsters! He called out some of the letters before I read them.
I highly recommend it as another fun tool to remind them of their ABC's!"
- April McKay (Verified Amazon Customer)

"We love this book and are glad to have it in both paper and on the Kindle. The Beasties are an amazing way for little ones
to learn the alphabet while introducing fun characters! We recommend this book to friends with and without kids all the time!!!"
- Brooke Van Gorey (Verified Amazon Customer)